Watch us play the first 90 minutes of Harold Halibut on Xbox Series X


Yep, you’re herring me right. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s o-fish-al Eurogamer review, I dove into the first 90 minnows of Harold Halibut on the Xbox Series X for you in today’s (recorded live) Let’s Play!

If, like me, you’ve been reeled in by the game’s stunning, handcrafted visuals but want to know whether the gameplay is any good before you pike it up, you have come to the right plaice.

I streamed the Xbox Series X version of Harold Halibut earlier and you can check out my adventures on the video player above. So, pick a perch and tuna in for this look at the beginning portion of this “handmade narrative game about friendship and life on a city-sized spaceship submerged in an alien ocean.”

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