The Warriors Is Sweaty, Grainy, Dirty and Awesome | CineFix Top 100


“Warriors… come out and play-ayyyyy…”The Warriors dropped in 1979 during an age of New York City that was about to change. Walter Hill’s film about a gang being hunted across the city as they try to make it home is a portrait of the politics of gang society. Clint, Cal and Alex talk about 70s fight scene choreography, expert camera blocking and just how many guys it takes to be wearing vests with no shirt, before you start to look cool.Meanwhile, Dan’s algorithm has been asked to relay a request from the Gramercy Riffs and has a hit dedicated to all the boppers out there.CineFix Top 100 was created by Clint Gage and Dan Parkhurst and is produced by Tayo Oyekan, with Director of Photography, Jamie Parslow and Technical Producer, Marhyan Franzen. Our Executive Producers are Clint Gage and Corrado Caretto. Logo and graphic design by Eric Sapp and title animations by Casey Redmon.CineFix Top 100 is available on all your podcast networks including:Spotify Podcasts Music


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