Former PlayStation exec joins Nintendo of America


Former PlayStation executive, Gio Corsi, has joined Nintendo of America.

Corsi – who was head of global second-party games at PlayStation before leaving at the end of 2019 – worked with IllFonic as its head of publishing and business development before joining Iron Galaxy Studios as its head of commercial in 2022.

Before that, Corsi held senior roles at LucasArts, Nexon, and EA.

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Corsi is perhaps best known for leading PlayStation’s “Building the List” initiative, during which he worked to bring Yakuza to Sony and, indeed, Western audiences, but Corsi also worked in third-party production and developer relations whilst at PlayStation, and reportedly led projects on the PlayStation Vita, too.

Now it seems Corsi is applying a similar skillset as his Sony role to his new position at Nintendo.

“I’ve joined the Nintendo America AAA third-party portfolio management crew to help great teams bring their amazing games to this legendary platform!” Corsi announced on Twitter/X yesterday.

Corsi’s particular expertise has some Nintendo fans speculating that his appointment solidifies Nintendo’s commitment to bringing third-party games to its handheld system, particularly with the long-rumoured Switch 2 on the way.

The target release window for the Switch 2 emerged shortly after Eurogamer sources revealed that Nintendo’s next console is expected to launch in Q1 2025. However, it had previously been reported that the new console would launch in late 2024.

If the Switch 2 does end up launching in March 2025, it will be hitting shelves eight years after the original Switch, which debuted back in March 2017. It’s believed to be capable of visuals comparable to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, supports ray tracing, and the ability to run Unreal Engine 5.

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