Final Fantasy 14 players react positively to Dawntrail benchmark

The Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail benchmark tool is now live, allowing players to check out the graphical upgrade on the way with update 7.0.

The improved lighting, textures and more have received plenty of praise on social media, but not everyone is completely satisfied.

The tool was announced within the game’s latest Letter from the Producer over the weekend, alongwith some much-requested changes to moderation.

Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail full trailerWatch on YouTube

The benchmark tool is for PC only, so users can test how the game will run on their system. It also allows players to create a female Hrothgar, the new playable race coming in Dawntrail.

Once downloaded, the tool uses an in-game trailer of Dawntrail to show off its new South American-inspired environments and characters, as well as the new Pictomancer and Viper Jobs.

Players can also create a new character, which will then appear in the benchmark trailer.

At last year’s Fan Fest events, director and producer Naoki Yoshida stated the graphical improvements to characters will be subtle. Considering some players have been using the same characters for 10 years, the developers don’t want these to look drastically different. Instead, there are small adjustments to face shapes, textures, and tones.

Elsewhere, the graphical update will improve environmental lighting and foliage density in particular.

There are plenty of positive posts on social media praising the new tweaks.

There’s been particular praise for the female Hrothgar too.

However, not everyone is happy with the changes the graphical update brings. Fans have pointed out plenty of small (and patchable) issues such as Viera ear lighting, differences in fangs, and Lalafell’s missing the little smudge on their noses.

And of course, there’s quite the difference between the pre-rendered trailer and in-game.

Another major change was announced at the Live Letter: enhanced blacklist and restriction features.

Now, blacklisted players will no longer be visible to those who blocked them. A Mute List has also been added, meaning player models will still be seen but messages won’t appear. Up to 200 players can be blacklisted or muted, both of which are independent.

Final Fantasy 14 is known for its positive community, but these are key ways players can remain safe online.

Dawntrail is set for release on 2nd July – here’s everything you need to know, including system requirements.

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